Born a Crime

Teacher guide

Context Resources  to provide necessary background information about South Africa, Apartheid, Trevor Noah, etc. The slide deck linked to the right also has resources embedded for each reading section. 

Audiobook: There is one accessible for us to use of Trevor Noah reading the first edition of his book, but it does not match our published book copy. Email Kristen Erickson if you want it for a student who is listening to the audiobook only. 

Here is a read-a-loud from a teacher on youtube that does match our text. Please Note: if a student does not listen to an entire chapter all the way through, they will need to write down the time where they stop the recording and then find that specific time when they want to continue listening. A student might need guidance on this process)

Slide deck from Reading with Relevance.

Instructional resources to support all parts of the workbook

End of session activities

Extension activities

There is not slide deck at this time.