Scholastic Information for 2022-2023 School Year: 

We have subscriptions to Scholastic magazines, and they include digital access and resources. Selections can be used for English, Science, Social Science, Math, Art and Health curriculum.  If you wish to have hard copies, please email Kristen Erickson at

Login (or register with your email if this is your first time accessing this site). Add the desired subscription using the access codes below:

NY Times Upfront: B6RK324T 

Science World: B6RMSBQ7 


Math: B6SF6S5K

Art: B6R2L64A  

Scope: B6RXGEXB 


Click here for a slide deck with awesome information about each of those selections and what you can use it for. There are also descriptions below including science hands-on investigation options. 

Magazine Descriptions: 

NY Times Upfront is a current events magazine.

Science World is a cutting edge science news magazine for grades 6-10. Note: In the digital version,  you can access investigations using common materials by logging into your Science World account and typing " hands-on investigations" into the search box. 

Choices is a Health and SEL resource magazine for grades  7-12. 

Math is a current events magazine for grades 6-9. 

Art is an arts and media magazine for grades 7-12. 

Scope is the multigenre ELA magazine designed for students reading at 6th-8th grade level. 

Action is a reading intervention magazine for grades 6-12 designed for students reading at 3rd-5th grade level.