Business Services

Hello from the Business services division! 😁


If you have any questions as to who these forms should be submitted to, please send an email or a quick chat to Rith Mean-Hill.

Business Dept Fiscal Contacts Feb 2024.pdf

business dept Fiscal contacts

COE 24-25 Calendar with Board Approval Date.pdf

Santa cruz coe 2024-25 calendar

Breaks, holidays and other notable student program dates are designated on the calendar.

Request-for-Authority-to-Travel-Form-with-Guidelines_Revised_2022 (2).pdf

Travel authorization form

Required before traveling on behalf of the COE for work related purposes. 

Cell Phone Stipend Request.pdf

Cell phone stipend request 

Submit this to Rith Mean-Hill once it has been approved by your director.

Mileage Reimbursement Form 2024.xlsx

2024 Mileage reimbursement

Please note that this spreadsheet will not have formulas in their cells, you will need to enter these on your own. Submit this to Rith Mean-Hill once your supervisor has approved and signed.

WORF Template.pdf

Warrant ORder request Form

Submit this to AP, along with receipts if you need to be reimbursed for a work related purchase. Please note: If the purchase is going to be over $200, it needs pre-approval from Business beforehand.

Organizations & Volunteers Driving Authorization Form and Guidelines.pdf

authorization to drive: volunteers & organizations

Use this form for drivers who are not employed by the Santa Cruz COE. 

Employee Driving Authorization for COE Vehicles and Personal Vehicles Forms and Guidelines.pdf

authorization to drive: SCCOE Employees

This form is for Santa Cruz COE employees only. This form has requests to drive a company vehicle, as well as a personal vehicle for work purposes. 


Invoice request form

If you need to be invoiced for any goods or services.