"Mindfulness invites us to cease trying to manipulate our way into some better state of mind and instead, simply welcome and be present with whatever state of mind we are presently in." 

-Bruce Neustadter

Short Mindfulness Practice - 5 to 10 Minutes to REflect and reset

5-minute transitioning to the present moment

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Mindfulness w/ Bruce 


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Bruce Neustadter 

Bruce Neustadter has over 40 years of experience working with teens and their families.  He has spent his time working in community based organizations, schools, and his private practice learning and developing effective ways to help support youth. 

He has spent 35 years working in Santa Cruz County schools with students, teachers and school leaders, developing and addressing social and emotional issues that impact learning. He worked at Delta Charter High School for 25 years where he was instrumental in creating a social/emotion program for the school. His work in the schools has included consultation with faculty, administrators, and direct counseling with students. 

He currently teaches mindfulness to students, teachers and school leaders fostering and supporting emotional health in educational environments. He coordinates a mindfulness program through the County Office of Education. Bruce also maintains a private practice in Santa Cruz, California working with individuals, couples and families.

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Bruce Neustadter 

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Bruce Neustadter 

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