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Meeting ID: 863 0650 9789

Phone: +1 (669) 900-6833

11-10-22 COE All

November 10, 2022



  • November Recognitions:

  • Halloween Potluck photo gallery & video

  • Welcome to the COE Team Karlee Suba & Jose Gaeta, Jr.

  • Community Resiliency - a new COE project focusing on healing and building resiliency in our students

  • Wellness update: we are challenged this month to share gratitude for each other. Share your appreciations here

October 13, 2022



  • Recognizing October as:

    • LGBTQ+ History Month

    • October 18 Through October 22 as Digital Citizenship Week

    • October as College & Career Month

    • October 10 Through October 16 Week of the School Administrator

    • Digital Citizenship Week - October 17-21, 2022 - From CDE:

  • Learn what's happening at the COE:

    • Check out the News tab on the COE Homepage for department updates

    • You can browse the most recent department posts/updates

    • Student stories and updates are highlighted as well!

  • Check out all the upcoming COE Events!

  • Wellness Update:

    • Are you receiving the Wellness Wednesday emails? Email Injin to get on the listserve

    • Reminder to sign up for COE’s 2nd bike commuter workshop series. - November 7 Intro to E-bikes

  • Public Health Update:

    • There are 513 active known cases; Reproductive number remains below 1

    • Wastewater data is showing an increase in active virus

    • David Ghilarducci, MD and John Kauffman, MD agreed the best plan to both prevent and prepare for the surge is to get both the bivalent booster and flu vaccine

Kahoot Trivia Questions (COE Themed):

  1. What is the most recent post on the Santa Cruz COE website? (At the time of the meeting)

    • Staff Fitness Session

  2. Our Plaza Comunitaria assists the Spanish-speaking community in developing literacy and their GED. Where is it located?

    • Sequoia & Watsonville Public Library

  3. When having tech problems, we call Tech Support. There are 4 amazing IT specialists that take care of us all. Name one.

    • Eric, Adrian, Sergio, Joey

  4. About how many students participated in our World Class Outdoor Science School in the 21-22 school year?

    • 4,000 students

  5. Sueños is a COE program that helps young people develop skills and get jobs. We serve youth ages 16 to what age?

    • 24 years

10-13-22 COE All Slides
9-8-22 COE All Meeting

September 8, 2022



  • Recognizing September as:

    • National Suicide Prevention Month

    • Hispanic Heritage Month

  • Welcome to the COE Team Steve Ashlock & Parvati Brown

  • COE Board is working on adopting a policy so that there may be aStudent Trustee for the COE

  • New Religious Holiday Document so that events aren't scheduled on religious days

  • Upcoming COE Events:

    • September 13, 3-4pm - Staff invited to Narcan® and Fentanyl Awareness Training from SafeRx SC County (Register)

    • September 15, 4pm - COE Board Meeting

    • September 17, 9-12pm - Coastal Clean Up Day at Cowell and Main beaches in Santa Cruz (More Information)

    • September 22, 6:30-8pm - COE Annual Report to the Community 2021-22 (Register)

    • September 24 9am-3pm - Educator Workshop with the Amah Mutsun at the Museum of Natural History (Register)

    • October 7, 8:30-3:30pm - Adobe Creative Institute for Teachers, Administrators, Instructional Coaches, Media Specialists, Librarians

  • Wellness Update:

    • Wellness committed shared Wellness Survey results

    • Celebrations:

      • Communication- emails well-read, virtual resources being utilized

    • Challenges:

      • Schedule/ Location- difficult to find times/ locations for live events that work for a majority of employees; we are a widespread organization with diverse schedule needs!

      • workload/ feeling guilty for participating in wellness events during work hours

    • Urban Cycling Workshop - Sept. 12 (Register)

  • Everyone is encouraged to get to know more about the COE and pick a task to work on:

    • Spend your lunch/Break/walk with someone from another department

    • Read the Superintendent’s Newsletter

    • Share what you are working on with others

    • Track your tasks A to Z from Action to students

    • Share an appreciation with someone in another staff member in another department

  • Public Health Update:

    • Currently there are 882 active known cases; 273 deaths

    • According to CDC County tracker Santa Cruz is in the green which means, our community level for Covid-19 is low (based on both active cases and hospitalizations)

    • Our reproductive number is less than one. This helps us understand how fast Covid-19 is spreading in our community (below one means with each existing infection it will cause less than one new infection)

    • Testing spotlight: Free! Still 6 days a week, at 5 great locations near you!

    • Vaccine spotlight: Bivalent booster is coming soon to a vaccine clinic near you!

Kahoot Trivia Questions (COE Themed):

  1. The COE has 4 values named in our Strategic Plan. Name one value.

    • Equity, Innovation, Excellence, Partnership

  2. Which of the following is a COE organized student leadership group?

    • Youth Artists Taking Action (YATA), Countywide Black Student Union, Youth for Environmental Action (YEA)

  3. The Career Advancement Charter will soon be offering services at the Watsonville Probation Center. How many locations are they offering services?

    • 7 locations in total (Sequoia Schools, COE Annex, Rountree Facility, Main Jail Facility, Blaine St. Facility, Santa Cruz Probation Services Center, Watsonville Probation Success Center)

  4. Special Education added a new program to accommodate the increase in enrollment, putting their total number of programs at:

    • 15 programs in total

  5. Which Academic Competition returned to in-person for the first time since the start of the pandemic?

    • Science Fair & Math Festival

COE Orientation - August 8, 2022


Nylah's Video


2022 COE Orientation.pdf

2021 - 2022 Meetings

June 10, 2022


Impact of Juneteenth for Various Units

COE Padlet for Sending Appreciations


  • Welcome Jacklyn Nicholson, Payroll Analyst, Business Services!

  • Congrats John Roberts for being awarded the Community Advisory Committee Award!

  • Multi-Factor Authentication will be required for all COE accounts by September

  • Recognizing Juneteenth - Please see the email Faris sent out for more information.

  • Stuff the Bus Fundraiser kicks off July 1

      • Please reach out to Verenise if you have raffle prizes to donate

      • Stuff the Bus Event will be August 13th

  • Wellness Update:

      • Please continue to practice self-care and share your summer wellness pictures with your manager!

      • Photos will be shared at the COE Orientation

  • Please complete the COE Staff survey if you haven't already!

6-9-22 COE All Slides.pptx
5-12-22 COE All Slides

May 12, 2022: Wellness Focus



Wellness Resources

April 14, 2022


4-14-22 COE All Slides
3-10-22 COE All

March 10, 2022


February 10, 2022


2-10-2022 COE All Slides
1-13-22 COE ALL Slides

January 13, 2022