create a Fantastic Suppport ticket!

How to Create a Support Ticket

for the Best and Fastest Service

Any information you include at the Onset will speed up service delivery!

#1 Start with a clear Email Subject, which includes your name and your contact number:

Subject: Your Name and Number (short problem description optional)


Reese Jackson, Tech+, 466-5555, Need help with Bluetooth speakers

(If this ticket was submitted as-is, the Tech Team could easily take care of the problem, and could contact them directly to resolve it!)

#2 Fill the Body out with as many helpful details as possible (or you have the time available for).


Hi, Tech Team,

My Bluetooth speakers stopped working. I’m not sure what’s going on - already tried to recharge them, turned them off and on, etc.

Please call or email me as soon as possible.


Reese 466-5555