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COE staff 2022 summer wellness

Check Out Your Colleagues Summer Wellness Activities!

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COE Activities


Activities list is for... notification of fun activities with other Santa Cruz COE employees, and opportunities to donate to worthy related causes.

Such previous activities: Football Pool, Ping Pong, Ugly Sweater Contest, etc.

New employees are asked if they want to join. If you want to check what groups/lists you are on, go to (have to already be logged in) to check. To be added to the Activities List, please email Tech support


If you want to help in the planning and organizing of COE staff events and other events, please feel free to let Verenise ( or anyone on the Sunshine committee know. We welcome you to join us!


If you find yourself 100 percent that person who has been voluntold that you need to declutter your home, or are looking to sell something to a fellow employee at a family friend discount, or is looking for something specific or giving things away, then this email group ( is for you! There are some ground rules for joining this group, and they are as follows:

  • No promotions or spam: Self-promotion (you're selling $5 necklaces or supplements as a side hustle, as an example) spam, and irrelevant links are not allowed.

  • Be respectful and respect people's privacy.

  • No listing pets for sale or automobiles: You can put that on the refrigerators in the break rooms.

  • Items purchased or sold/acquired are not held to any regulation, and you will agree to not hold the Santa Cruz COE responsible for any damages that may incur involving said items.

  • All emails sent to this group will be moderated, and anything deemed inappropriate or does not follow these rules will not be sent out to the group. You will be notified if your items are denied.

  • It should go without being said, but illegal substances are not appropriate.

  • More rules will be made up as we go along, and the group will be notified if there is indeed a new rule that needs to be added.

Any violation will be subject to you being removed from the group, and is not contestable unless you can do 75 push ups (off of your knees) without taking a break in front of a crowd of 10 that are all eating hot dogs around noon, and you haven't had breakfast yet. If you would like to opt in, please fill out this form.

COE Wall of Gratitude